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    This could help offset the price of internet and electricity for your team members. It could also help them purchase a more ergonomic desk chair or an upgraded headset. These investments can boost their engagement and productivity. If they don’t feel like anyone notices or cares about the work they’re doing, they’ll naturally care less, too. Show them their work is appreciated and how it impacts the bottom line. It’s easy for employees to fall off the bandwagon if they’re off doing siloed work day after day.

    Find out what your team needs to feel engaged and part of the crew. You don’t have to sit idly by and watch distance destroy your teams. You can take action to overcome these obstacles and better lead your remote teams. Let’s jump into a few game-changing best practices that’ll get your team headed in the right direction.

    Lean into the norms and expectations you established at the outset and encourage your employees to adhere to a set schedule and step away from work when operating hours are done. “As a general guideline, leaders often feel they’re communicating enough, whereas their teams often feel they’re getting insufficient communication,” Mayo says in Leadership Principles. Regularly checking in with your remote employees is a highly effective means of boosting their engagement.

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    Instead of telling your team not to check their messages after hours (which they probably won’t do), use Gmail’s scheduling feature or Slack’s Gator plugin to only send messages during business hours. It’s easy to collaborate, go back-and-forth, or drop by a colleague’s desk for a quick chat at the office. You’ll need to invest in the right collaborative tools to empower your team members to work together effectively. It’s hard to coordinate meeting schedules when 10am on Monday in San Francisco equates to 6pm on Monday in London and 5am on Tuesday in Melbourne.

    That’s continuous improvement guru Bruce Hamilton’s recipe for letting go, and admitting that the people who do the actual work are in control. Don’t be so sure you know what’s best, and the results may be transformational. If your employees Managing a Remote Team feel out of control or over-controlled, productivity will suffer. In the same way that good remote work managers encourage team members to choose their own software, they also give them space to craft their ideal workflows and schedules.

    A recent report by software company Buffer shows that 19 percent of remote employees report loneliness as their biggest challenge. In a survey by cloud services provider CoSo Cloud, it was found that more than half of remote employees feel disconnected from their in-office colleagues. Next, understand that managing remote workers without micromanaging is the same as doing it with in-person teams.

    The applications vary slightly from program to program, but all ask for some personal background information. If you are new to HBS Online, you will be required to set up an account before starting an application for the program of your choice. In managing your remote employees, you may find yourself interacting with people who are from various countries and backgrounds. Employee empowerment is an essential ingredient of successful, high-trust teams.

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    Letting go may seem difficult, but managing remote workers without micromanaging can be easy. Better still, it can improve your team’s output and productivity. To lead remote teams to success, let them set up their own workflows, and give them a voice in the tools and tech they use. Set clear expectations from the start, then turn employees loose to reach your shared goals. Managing remote employees isn’t without its share of challenges.

    To promote social distancing, over 80 countries have imposed travel bans and have asked schools, colleges, universities, and companies to suspend on-premises activities. Join 300,000+ entrepreneurs worldwide in learning the latest insights & tips you need to build a game-changing business. Ask your team what kinds of skills they’d like to learn. If they want to learn more about search engine optimization , you might purchase a discounted company license to a certified course they can all take. If you have a good friend at another non-competing company that specializes in graphic design, consider asking him to do a 30-minute presentation to your team. For example, you might show an employee how their piece of content is ranking in organic search and how this leads to revenue for the company.

    60% of remote workers feel less connected to their colleagues. That’s going to be a problem when you’re trying to build trust and nurture close-knit relationships. All programs require the completion of a brief application.

    • Join 300,000+ entrepreneurs worldwide in learning the latest insights & tips you need to build a game-changing business.
    • It could also help them purchase a more ergonomic desk chair or an upgraded headset.
    • If a certain team member has a lot to say, quickly suggest a brief one-on-one.
    • Gaining insight into how others perceive you can not only sharpen your emotional intelligence, but equip you with a growth mindset.
    • This might involve additional digital team-building activities or frequent in-person team gatherings—whatever works better for your logistics.

    This uptick in remote work has prompted business leaders across industries to adapt their methods and techniques to manage their teams. Harvard Business School Online’s Business Insights Blog provides the career insights you need to achieve your goals and gain confidence in your business skills. Support your employees to choose where, when, and how they’ll work. Be clear about when they’ll be expected to join meetings or collaborate with other members.

    There are downsides to remote work that can hurt collaboration. Help your remote employees feel like they’re part of the team by organizing online gatherings, such as a virtual happy hour, and allow time for small talk before team meetings. Research shows it’s an effective way to strengthen bonds and develop trust. If you want to thrive in the face of these challenges and equip your employees to succeed, here are 12 tips for managing remote teams.

    Project Management Officer: Job Description, Skills Required, 2021 Salary Trends And More

    When rare uncertainties arise, your team members may not be able to follow the regular eight-hour work schedule. Instead of putting pressure on your workforce, give them the flexibility and freedom to do their job according to their convenience. This will ensure productivity without taxing your team members.

    managing a remote team training

    Purchase hardware and software that’ll improve remote work. Listen to your employees and see what they recommend—they might know of solutions that’ll improve efficiencies and your bottom line. This sort of leadership leads to long-lasting trust, strong relationships, and powerful insights. Consider hosting 15-minute Slack conversations, or maybe do an old-school conference call every once in a while. Keeping your meetings fresh reduces monotony and non-engagement.

    If someone receives an email or Slack message at 8pm, they might feel compelled to check and answer it. It was manageable for introverts to disappear during in-person meetings, but it’s downright effortless in digital sessions. Consider having daily check-ins on Slack or initiating more collaborative group projects. Teams that don’t see with each other frequently will struggle to form meaningful connections.

    Encourage Them To Choose Their Project Management Software

    Then, make sure those metrics are clear to each employee. Once they know the targets, trust them to figure out how to reach them without intervening. When you share targets in advance, you set crystal-clear expectations for success. Let’s look at how to manage remote workers without command-and-control leadership.

    Empathy is a major driver of work performance and a foundational element of emotional intelligence. Gaining insight into how others perceive you can not only sharpen your emotional intelligence, but equip you with a growth mindset. To instill purpose among your employees, provide concrete examples of how their collective efforts advance important organizational objectives. When doing so, employ the principles of the “Commander’s Intent,” a concept that’s detailed in Management Essentials and serves as a means of unifying individuals around a goal. When scheduling check-ins and one-on-ones, use technology to facilitate face-to-face communication whenever possible.

    Simplistically write the expectations, defining the deadlines, deliverables, and scope for each project. Help your team members understand what their task is and give them productivity tips. Setting realistic expectations will make you happy at the end of the day.

    Business Insights

    Google Team Hangouts or Zoom is ideal for remote conferencing and online meetings. To implement remote working, first, be sure that you have equipped your team with basic work-from-home requirements, such as high-speed internet, laptops, mobile devices, and communication software. You can help your remote workforce form connections by investing the extra time and effort. This might involve additional digital team-building activities or frequent in-person team gatherings—whatever works better for your logistics. You don’t have to goad an engaged workforce into meeting specific metrics.

    managing a remote team training

    For example, if engagement in customer support is dipping, you might want to hire additional help to share the load. If your human resources department feels burnt out, you could consider revisiting their KPIs and setting more realistic goals. Your team leads and direct reports might not feel comfortable sharing candid feedback in person—but you need their responses. Provide anonymous surveys to gather insights about your team. You might not know who specifically needs help, but you can spot trends and provide solutions.

    Managing Remote Teams

    Before you pick a tool like Jira or Trello, ask your team to suggest their favorite tools or research the available options. Support them with the time to test drive their favorites before you move forward. Then make sure they have some leeway to set up the tools in a way that best suits their daily work. When employees have control over their own workflows, they’re more likely to be engaged. Picture it – you’re suddenly tasked with managing remote workers, on the fly.

    managing a remote team training

    Tying individual contributions to overall company outcomes can help keep employees motivated. People will be more honest with their feedback when they know it can’t be traced directly back to them. Assist where you can, and ask the hard questions to get them to break out of their pandemic bubble and open up. Go out of your way to give them an opportunity to speak up and voice their opinions.

    Different Time Zones

    Zoom, lack of oversight, and IT headaches can make it a huge challenge. And without traditional physical views into your employees’ workflows, it’s tempting to micromanage. This is why team communication is critical, and you should often communicate with your team members to not only check their progress but also to learn about their families’ health and life in general.

    Embrace new communication channels whenever possible, and when you must meet, make it short and productive. Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, Google Drive, and Slack are all excellent platforms. But it can be tempting to take tech to the point of overkill, with the learning curve on every digital workspace weighing on staff member productivity and damaging morale. Knowing how to manage work-from-home employees includes giving them a say. Measure quality of work, efficiency, and individual goals that each employee helps create.

    Recognize that behavior to show them you appreciate their support and the difference they’re making to the team. Sometimes, managers only step in when something goes wrong. Be proactive about congratulating your employees when they do something right.


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